Submission Guidelines

Submission and Style (PDF Format)

All submissions must carry the assurance that they are the author’s original work and have not been submitted or previously appeared elsewhere.

Those wishing to submit to Performing Humanity can begin the process by contacting the Editor by email to propose a book for review or to submit a completed post that conforms to the standards below.  Contributors will then receive an email from Dr. Nesler or one of her editorial assistants regarding revisions or the scheduled date of release.

Publishers and authors wishing to send copies of books for review can send materials to the Editor at:         @PerformHumanity

The content of Performing Humanity exists for educational purposes.  Contributors maintain copyright to their individual posts and may reproduce the work elsewhere, with proper citation, two weeks after release on this site.  All other site content falls under the copyright ownership of the Editor.  Please provide proper citations when citing work within posts, or when citing the work found on the website.

Style Sheet

  • Email submission in Word format
  • A by-line with the author’s name and, if applicable, title
  • At least one relevant image drawn from the public domain and attached as a jpeg
  • Prose content ranging between 250-550 words, with limited quotations cited in MLA parenthetical format
  • Alphabetized MLA bibliography at end.  The top citation should be labeled “Image:” and should cite that material
  • A brief 15-25 word author biography

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