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Party Animals, Hibernating People

Performing Humanity will be taking a content-hiatus this week in honor of Ball State’s fall break.  We fully encourage you to peruse the archives, leave comments, and consider sending in submissions.  Once the break ends, we will pick back up with regular content!


The Future of “Performing Humanity”

As the site’s original contributions come to an end, Performing Humanity is proud to announce its plans to continue running through AY 2012-2013.  Image

Liceti, De monstrorum natura, caussis, et differentiis libri duo (1616)

Dr. Nesler will continue serving as Managing Editor, collaborating with a group of talented volunteers who will act as Social Media Promoters. In the coming weeks, the site will undergo some changes — including staff profiles, submission policies, and instructions for sending book review copies.  Be on the lookout!  We are excited to be sharing your work and continuing with these explorations!

Dr. Miranda Nesler on Using Innovative Instruction and Expanding her Classroom to Larger Communities

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